Top 10 famous temples in Bangalore

List of 10 famous temples in Bangalore which are considered as the Holy place. You must visit these ancient places which was built 1,000+ years back. Bengaluru (Bangalore) is known as the Silicon Valley of India. This city is known for IT industry and one of the fastest growing cities in the world. Besides the modern lifestyle and changing trends, there are also number of temples and religious spots available across Bangalore and in the surrounding region. There are about 1000 temples in Bangalore, both new and old. You can also find temples dating 10th century. Most of them are located in the heart of the city and are known as the major tourist attractions.  Here follows the top 10 famous temples in Bangalore:

1. Chokkanathaswamy Temple

Chokkanathaswam Temple

Located in Domlur , bear airport, this is one of the oldest temples of Bangalore . This temple was built in 10th century by Cholas. The presiding deity of this temple is lord Vishnu. This temple was renovated 20 years ago. You can see the dashavathars of Lord Vishnu on the pillars of this temple. You can feel the pranic energy in this temple.

2. Bull Temple

Bull Temple

This temple is located in Basavangudi in South Bangalore , NR colony. This temple was built in 1537 by Vijayanagara Empire. The statue of Nandi was built using granite, from a single piece of rock.  The Nandi is of 15 ft height and 20 ft length.

3. Dodda Ganesha Temple

Dodda Ganesha Temple

This temple is located at Basavanagudi and the main deity is Lord Ganesha. This temple is located in the same complex of Nandi Statue. Ganapathi in this temple is known as Shakthi Ganapati or Satya Ganapati.

4. Gavi Gangadareshwara Temple

Gavi Gangadareshwara Temple

This is the Cave temple known for the rock-cut architecture. This temple is believed to be built in 9th century. This temple is cut out of single rock and is dedicated to Lord Shiva. You can also see the Fire God Agni with two heads, seven hands and three legs. There will be a huge crowd to this temple during Shivaratri.


Iskon Temple

Sri Radha Krishna Chandra Temple is located at Hare Krishna Hill at West Chord Road. This is the neo-classical temple. This temple is beautifully designed and you can find fountains and elaborated Rajagopuram, which will be a wonderful feast to your eyes. You can also find Vedic Museum, lecture hall and exhibition area in this temple.

6. Shiva Temple

Shiva Temple

This temple is located on airport road. The 65 foot high statue of Lord Shiva seated in the Lotus position is amazing to see. This temple was built in 1995 with wonderful architecture.

7. Banashankari Temple

Banashankari Temple

This temple is located in Kanakapura road and it is very popularly known for Banashankari Amma. This temple was built in 1915. Goddess Banashankari Amma is worshiped during Rahukala with the belief that the goddess will remove all hardships and obstacles.

8. Venkataramaswamy Temple

Venkataramaswamy Temple

This temple is located Basavanagudi. This temple is 300 years old and it features interesting carvings. Although the temple is small, it attracts people for the human carvings and animal figures of Dravidian civilization.

9. Sugreeva Venkateshwara temple

Sugreeva Venkateshwara Temple

Located in Balepet, this temple houses Sugreeva and Lord Venkateshwara as main deities. The Sugreeva idol stands 6 feet height, which looks like Lord Hanuman. However, the long teeth on either side of the mouth differentiate Sugreeva from Hanuman.

10. Kanyakaparameshwari Temple

Kanyakaparameshwari Temple

This temple is located in Kumar Park. Goddess Kanyakaparameshwari is the main deity. The unique marble work and murals are the main highlights of the temple. The murals will depict scenes from Vasavi history and Bhagavad Gita. In addition to it, the Darpana Mandira, known as mirror temple is also an other main highlight of this temple in Bangalore .