Dandeli Wildlife Sanctuary - Wiki, Safari, Entry Timing, Fees

Dandeli Wildlife Sanctuary

Dandeli Wildlife Sanctuary is also a national park located in Uttara Kannada. Find out its wiki from Safari timing, entry fees, accommodation, and best time to visit. This national park is very popular for its excellent environment. This sanctuary is located in Uttara Kannada and it occupies an area of 334.52 sqkms. This is an ideal place to choose for your holiday. Moreover, if you are nature lover, then there is no doubt that this sanctuary can offer everything you are looking for.

This wildlife sanctuary is located at the distance of 57 kms from Dharwad. This is also the largest sanctuary in Karnataka located on the bank of River Kali. This sanctuary is surrounded by thick forest and many hills. The rich diversity of plants and animals in and in the surrounding region of the sanctuary is the key highlight to make this place a healthy region for lives.

Dandeli Wildlife Contact Details


Dandeli Wildlife Sanctury
Wildlife Sanctuary At - SH-46
Located At - Dandeli
City - Uttara Kannada
State - Karnataka
Pincode - 581325
Phone No - 080-3017-8144

Wildlife Visiting Time - 06:00 A.M. to 10:00 P.M.

Situated on Western Ghats, Dandeli is the second largest wildlife sanctuary in Karnataka. The Anshi National park is located at closest proximity of this sanctuary. Along with Anshi , Dandeli forms Anshi Dandeli Tiger Reserve. There is no doubt that Dandeli is the natural habitat of wildlife like leopards, tigers, elephants, bison, bear, various deer, reptiles, money and black panthers. There are also river crocodiles and exotic snakes can be seen in this sanctuary. Besides animals, there are about 300 species of birds living in this forest.

If you are planning to visit Dandeli Wildlife Park, then the months between October to April will be the perfect time. You can also plan to visit between December and February. However, for bird lovers, October and November are the best time to visit to watch birds. Moreover, during these months, you can also involve into trekking activities, as the hills will look pristine after the rain that has recently come.

 The nearest airport to this Dandeli sanctuary is Belgaum, which is 90 km far.Alnavar junction is the nearest railway station to visit this sanctuary and it is just 35 km away. This sanctuary is well connected to cities like Alnavar, Hyderabad, Pune, Mumbai, Bangalore and other major cities. Hubli is an other major railway station located near to this sanctuary.

Bangalore is the nearby city to visit by bus.Dharwad and Hubli are also the major towns from where you can get buses to visit this sanctuary. There are also taxis available to visit this sanctuary.

Moreover, are tourists who love to bring their own vehicles to visit this sanctuary, however the roads are treacherous due to hilly terrain, therefore careful riding is important.

Some of the other best attractions that you can visit and explore on your visit to Dandeli sanctuary are, Syntheri rocks, which is a colossal monolith of granite. This rock is 300 feet height. You can also see river Kaneri flowing at its base. There is also a small cave and terraced waterfall. This will be an ideal place for the nature lovers, bird watchers.

The Kavla caves, located 25 kms from Dandeli are an other major attraction. These caves are made of limestone and they date back to prehistoric era. Molangi, located 11 km from this sanctuary is an other major attraction. This is located in the mid of dense forest and river Kali passes between the huge rocky cliffs and slopes. This is the best place for hikers and an ideal spot for camping.

You can visit syke’s point, which is located near Kavla caves. This spot offers breathtaking view of green hills, Nagajhari River and deep valley. You can also enjoy an excellent view of sunset.

Supa dam is an other remarkable palce located near Dandeli sanctuary.

The bird watchers can enjoy watching over 300 species of birds including robin, pigeons, cuckoo, woodpecker, eagle, hornbills and many others.

You can also enjoy hiking and trekking in this dense forest, however, need to get permission from the Forest Department.

Jungle safari is an other highlight on your visit to this sanctuary, which will be for about 4 hours duration starts at early morning and late afternoon. You will enjoy seeing animals like bisons, boar, deer and even tiger.

White water rafting is an other wonderful highlight to enjoy on your visit to Dandeli sanctuary. Intact, there is no doubt that this wildlife sanctuary will offer everything best to enjoy on your holiday with your friends.