10 Beautiful Hill Stations Near Kolkata - for Weekend Trip

Located on the capital city of the West Bengal territory, the hill stations situated near Kolkata may be a bit far from the central part of the city, but it is worth the travel because there is so much to see along the way. The religious site is just one of the valid reasons why tourists from all over the world gather and explore the various places of pilgrimage. A row of forts, castles, colonial houses, and preserved gardens can also be found on this magical city.
Here are the 10 Popular Hill Stations near Kolkata.

1. Mirik

Make a pilgrimage on its famous historic sites, Buddhist monastery, and landmarks. It is a small and very quiet hill station where tourists can make beautiful hikes. It is famous for the Darjeeling Black Tea, which is mainly produced here. Mirik has many good amenities and easily accessible. Observe silence once you reach the Bokar Monastery.

2. Siliguri
Siliguri is a beautiful Hill Station

Stop by the so called pink bridge; Coronation Bridge. This marvel of architecture spans like a large arc over a river in a natural rainforest landscape. Many hikers stop here and make souvenir photos.

3. Lava
Lava a beautiful Hill station close to Darjiling

Although a few sites are not accessible to public transport, tourists make an effort to visit the famous Lava Jamgon Kongtrul Monastery. It is a clean and well-equipped monastery located at an altitude of 2000m. It is dangerous to hike during the monsoon season because the cliff goes up and down and the road is quite slippery when it rains.

4. Kurseong

Kurseong’s main attraction is its tea estate, factory, and main plantation. An overnight stay is allowed at the quarters of the tea plantation owners. Make a tour of the factory and the other two famous temples there; Gidhapahar Mandir and the Ambotia Shiva Mandir.

5. Kalimpong

Staying at the Deolo Hill is one of the best ways to appreciate the beauty of Kalimpong. Try the walk in the clouds adventure with paragliding. The most attractive part of this place is the Kanchenjunga and the Tista.

6. Darjeeling
Most beautiful Hill station near Kolkata is Darjeeling

Do not miss the Peace Pagoda and the Tiger Hill. The elegant building height of 28 meters and a diameter of 23 meters, the Peace Pagoda is the symbol of unity of nations and races in the search for peace in the world. At Tiger Hill, you may want to go on the sunset or during the day just to see the view of the mountains.

7. Pedong

Known for its traditional Tibetan customs, Pedong is situated at a high altitude and the best viewpoint area where you can see all the surrounding mountains and lakes around Kolkata.

8. Sandakphu

The hilly town is situated near the popular Singalila National Park. It's like placing one foot in the tops of the Himalayas. After a difficult climb to the Sandakphu hill station, the spectacle of sunrise here is really beautiful. If there are not many clouds, you can see Mt. Everest from a distance.

9. Samsing

You can stay on the nature camps that can be found in Samsing. Take a trek on the bridges and make sure you do not miss seeing the Murti River.

10. Shillong
Shillong - the beautiful mountain village

Be sure to see the Elephant Falls after a trip to the lake and viewpoint areas of Shillong hill station. It is a nice holiday getaway destination; however, make sure to visit during the rainy season. It looks more spectacular on monsoon months, unlike in summer when it gets dry and no one is around.