10 Popular Hill Stations Near Mumbai

If you are planning to go on a quick weekend getaway spot near Mumbai city then you should check these Hill Stations that surround the hectic urban jungle. Even if life gets too busy across the metropolis of Mumbai, these idyllic places presents a tranquil atmosphere and offer a calming effect to a curious traveller.

Best Hill Stations Near Mumbai city

Discover recreational parks, pilgrimage sites, and hiking trails while you visit these 10 popular Hill Stations near Mumbai.

1. Panchgani

One of the exciting things to do here in Panchgani is to watch the sunrise on Table Land. There is a paragliding adventure where you can see the perfectly smooth lakes reflecting the sky. The view is superb from the hills down to the plateau and you can easily find a quiet corner. The hills are surrounded by lakes and the cold breeze towards the evening makes it an ideal place to camp out for romantic couples.

2. Lonavala


Lonavala became a favourite route for travellers who want a different kind of adventure. It is surrounded by forts, caves, sacred temples, lakes, waterfalls, and other national parks. The usual adventures include a hot air balloon safari, historical fort visits, trek to the ancient temples, huge dam, and preserved caves with unique architectural impressions.

3. Matheran

The deep valley of the place makes it inaccessible for any type of motor vehicle. From the top of the hill, you can see the panoramic view of the valley down below. The hill is perfectly preserved and protected by natural conservationists.

4. Panhala

There are so many ways to de-stress once you are successfully reach the hotels and inns situated along Panhala. It is settled around a row of old and historic forts. Bring your outdoor gears and try the trail that overlooks the nearby Sahayadri Mountain.

5. Karjat

Take a journey into the captivating waterfalls along the Uhas Valley. After that, go on a one day hiking adventure to discover the intriguing and widely visited Kothaligad Fort in Peth.

6. Igatpuri

An ideal place to visit during the summer season, Igatpuri has water rafting adventures complete with overnight stay in the rainforest. You can also discover the pristine and relaxing views at Camel Valley and the picture perfect Vaitarna Dam and botanical garden.

7. Amboli

Amboli is popular because of its proximity to the most visited natural sites in India. A trek to its lush rainforest leads to a discovery of unique selection of flora and fauna. The Sahayadri Range looks more photographic from this hill side.

8. Saputara

Saputara is an amazing hilly station that is surrounded by numerous observation points, caves, gondola cruises, old temples, botanical gardens, and a big lake. It is possible to ride the catamaran that cruises the lake and watch the locals capture water snakes and crabs.

9. Satara

It offers one of the highest waterfalls in India. It is thrilling to see the famous Thosegar Falls while in Satara. In summer, tourists and hikers try their best to reach the top to admire the view down below of the forts and lake.

10. Lavasa

It is a newly built natural attraction, which was based and designed after an Italian City. To explore the hill station conveniently, a motorcycle ride is highly recommended.