Top 10 richest City in India – The Fast Growing Cities of India

When it comes to the top ten richest cities in India then you should check out this list that has been updated recently in 2016 known for fastest growing places. With over 1.2 billion population, India is one of the fastest growing countries in the world. The wide and beautiful landscape with diverse culture brings the incredible sources from different regions of the nation. Integrity in unity is what one can experience in India.

India is the 3rd richest country in the world with GDP of $5trillion. The urbanization, industrialization and globalization in India have encouraged many cities from all states across the nation to rapidly grow in every aspect. Besides, IT revolution has brought a tremendous growth with enormous employment opportunity to the graduates in India. This has not only improved per capita income, but also the GDP of the cities, while increasing the overall GDP of the nation.

Here follows the scenario of the top richest cities in India with their GDP:

1. Mumbai

Commercial capital of India is the leading trade center of the world. This city is also the center point for financial institutions from Bombay Stock Exchange (BSE), Reserve Bank of India (RBI), TATA Group to National Stock Exchange. The GDP of Mumbai is US$209 billion.

2. Delhi

National capital of India contributes 4.94% of the total country’s GDP, whereas the per capita income is of Rs.78, 690/-. Health services, retail growth industries and telecommunication contribute the major part of GDP of Delhi.

3. Kolkata

Kolkata, ranking third richest city of India contributes, US$150 billion to the country’s GDP. IT sector contributes a huge part of the city’s GDP.  Bata India, Damodar Valley Corporation, Calcutta Stock Exchange is the other major contributors.

4. Bengaluru

The largest IT hub of India, Bengaluru has the per capita income of Rs.10 lakh per household. This city is the headquarters of Hindustan Aeronautics Limited, Wipro, Infosys and Indian Space Research Organization. The GDP of Bengaluru US$83 billion.

5. Hyderabad

The GDP of Hyderabad is US$74 billion.  Hyderabad is one of the major contributors of the India’s GDP with IT companies and real estate sectors experiencing substantial growth.

6. Chennai

You will be amazed to know that it is counted among the top 100 most developed cities in the world; therefore be happy to know that India is going to be soon counted among fastest developed country. The Chennai experiences the rapid development in sectors like BPO and IT sector, healthcare, industries. The GDP of Chennai is US$66 billion.

7. Ahmedabad

This is the largest industrial center with GDP US$64 billion, contributing to the nation. Adani Group, Nima, Torrent Pharmaceuticals are the major contributor of this city’s GDP.

8. Pune

With industry friendly environment, this city contributes about US$48 billion to the India’s GDP. It is also the hub of IT companies, Sugar industries, top notch colleges are the major industries contributing to the overall GDP of Pune.

9. Surat

Also known as diamond and textile capital of India, Surat contributes about US$40 billion to India. This is also another fastest growing city with low unemployment rates and high job rates.

10. Visakhapatnam

The GDP of Visakhapatnam is US$26 billion. Steel plants and heavy metal industries are the major contributor to this city’s GDP.